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of spending, both of them increase spending over time but the democrats by a lot more. host: go ahead bob. caller: we won't really know what's in this thing until the cover is pulled off. we can't trust the media to tell us the truth. and you should really when you have politico on, you should mention if you have a conservative on you will say they are a conservative outfit but never with politico which s a very left out fit based on msnbc that pew research says it's 85% biased. thank you and have a wonderful day. guest: i would say call it like it is and run it down the middle which looking at this budget there will be a lot for all of us to find. host: go ahead wendy. caller: i was calling about the obama care and about our deficit in the united states. my feeling is that many workers across america have lost their insurance and have gotten lower wages because of companies down sizing or lower profits. our government is broke but we we still pay our government workers very high wages given excellent pay insurance. maybe it's time to decrease their wages and decrease their insurance they
university she is a p deputy analysis. let's hear from bob, south dakota, rural. caller: i have some comments. [indiscernible] we should look at our urban areas. retracting and using that infrastructure that we have built and upgrading it. they have green belt and greenways and parkways you can walk down through in town. it preserves the rural atmosphere, which overhear people moved out into the country and take over farmland and you have the contact between the farming industry and some of the things in the world areas and how people perceive and want to live in the rural area. some of the aspects of that are you revitalize that infrastructure in place. that is interesting. what we are seeing in many of our central cities is an urbanization, a return to a demand for living in the city driven by the growth of the gen ,'s moving into the workforce making choices about housing. they are coming to the district of columbia. the population was growing at 1000 per month. there was the idea that the desire for city living was on the rise. housing market has improved. our cultural identity w
things will continue. as bob gates said at the national foreign intelligence abruptn 1976 -- 1988, discontinuity is sometimes the last individual to recognize that is the regional analyst. he or she tends to think things will continue. we initially were overly depend on our allies. understanding to what was going on. we minimize also, which was very unfortunate, the military capabilities and objectives and objectives of egypt and syria. we played down the significance of military indicators that egypt and syria were intent on war and willing to pay an extremely high price in blood and treasure. we listened to the mistake and opinion of foreign leaders. we did that in 1990 when the saddam hussein invaded kuwait. we all should read the outstanding review of the intelligence community post- mortem program. 1973-1975. it has been declassified. very instructive. should be required reading for young officers entering intelligence. the lessons unfortunately are hard to learn. we are much better intelligence community that we have ever been. we have more intelligence. we understand it bet
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3